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Our Mission Statement & Shared Values

Mission Statement: ParaNexus is a resource for dedicated and progressive paranormal and anomalous phenomena investigators focused on researching and understanding the human condition through the scientific study of aerial, psychical, cryptozoological, and anomalous phenomena, its reality, its reach, and its impact on humanity.

Shared Values Statement: We believe in displaying professional, honest, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our organization. We believe in showing dignity and respect to the public, members, investigative clients, and staff members regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or belief. During ParaNexus sanctioned investigations or events, we respect both the client and the client’s property and will therefore conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous, and unintrusive manner at all times. We respect fellow team members, and afford them the same dignity we individually desire. We respect and cooperate with other paranormal and anomalous investigation groups and researchers. We believe in ethical research, and will strive to find answers and draw conclusions honestly and without fabrication. We take pride in who we are, and we safeguard our reputation in the anomalous research field above all else.

ParaNexus History

The ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association was founded in February 2008 by Dr. Doug Kelley and Jari (pronounced "Yari") Mikkola. Doug and Jari, both experienced paranormal and anomalous phenomena researchers, felt the need for a professional, top-notch association devoted to education and research. From experience, they saw a need for researchers to not only come together to share data, but also to learn techniques that would make them better researchers and investigators in the field.

April 2023 Website Update: Over the years, the ParaNexus forum has slowed way down likely due to the emergence of social media. As a result, the decision was made in April 2023 to remove the membership and forum aspects of the website and focus on providing resources for all to access and use. An additional reason for this change was the fact that the website software was very outdated and it would have required a phenomenal amount of effort and money to update it. We felt a resource focus was a better option, all things considered.


Below is some of the previous history of ParaNexus

The ParaNexus name was created with much forethought as to who we are and what we represent:


par·a·nor·mal (pār'ə-nôr'məl) , (Greek derivative), adj.


Of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation; beyond the normal.


nex•us (něk'səs), (Latin derivative) n., pl. nex·us·es, nex·us.


1.    A means of connection; tie; link.

2.    A connected series or group.

3.    The core or center, as of a matter or situation.

In January 2009, Kelley took responsibility for ParaNexus and related websites, and Mikkola took responsibility for what was formerly the ParaNexus Journal along with other publishing objectives.

Kelley's extensive corporate leadership, communication, and human development background combined with his search for knowledge provides a fresh and evolutionary canvas upon which the ParaNexus Vision is painted; namely, to pool the talents of many professional researchers in an effort to evolve the field and to make breakthroughs in the discovery of why anomalous phenomena occurs and its source. Members, Directors, and staff are brilliant colors that serve to enhance that painting and vision beyond what it would be otherwise. ParaNexus is characterized by a "make it happen" attitude that contributes to growth, fresh thinking, and courageous reinvention where necessary.

It had always been Kelley's intention to build an organization that would outlive him. Therefore, in September 2009, ParaNexus was incorporated as a Florida non-profit corporation. 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS was approved on August 24, 2010 effective September 11, 2009. A group of five trusted additional individuals with experience in paranormal research, business, and life were invited to join the founding Board of Directors. Even though full organizational control passed from one individual to a Board of Directors, Kelley continued to provide strong leadership and manage the day-to-day operations assisted by capable and accomplished men and women.

Unfortunately, due to the poor economy of recent years resulting in a lack of obtaining sufficient funding, the Board of Directors voted to dissolve the legal corporation and tax exempt status effective December 31, 2011. On January 1, 2012, ParaNexus became an educational and research program of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. (ICMH), and in so doing, ParaNexus serves to fulfill the mission of ICMH to better understand the human condition and the universe in which we live within the context of metaphysical and paranormal phenomena.

In March 2014, Dr. Brian Parsons was named Executive Director of ParaNexus. Dr. Parsons was an original board member of ParaNexus and brings nearly 20 years of experience to his position as Executive Director. His interests and experience in anomalous phenomena are eclectic and broad, and he has written five books (to date) on various types of anomalous phenomena including ghosts and cryptids. He developed and pioneered the E4 Method of anomalous investigation which is a blend of traditional and non-traditional approaches toward client-centered paranormal investigation. Dr. Parsons continues the tradition of grounded research and high standards in the various fields of anomalous phenomena.

As for the future, one thing is certain: In a divided field that is rampant with individuals "hunting" ghosts, chasing lights in the sky, and embroiled in petty disputes, ParaNexus will continue to shine as a beacon of light, seeking to guide, educate, and unify an anomalous research field in desperate need of breakthroughs while maintaining a grounded, stable, and rational approach. ParaNexus is working hard to bring together like-minded professionals in association based on high ethical standards.




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